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Emerging.org pre-screens managers' operations & performance to quicken allocator due-dilligence.



Emerging.org will conduct an assessment on an Emerging Fund & solicit allocations on behalf of qualified managers.



EMA member companies post opportunities to our job board looking for passionate, capable team members.

Capable, helpful servant-leaders.

"Servant leadership is all about making the goals clear and then rolling your sleeves up

and doing whatever it takes to help people win."
-Ken Blanchard

  • Emerging.org is a U.S. based, non-partisan 501c3 not-for-profit organization.

  • We help new fund managers create transparent operations and raise AUM.

  • We assist pensions, endowments & funds-of-funds in finding solid allocations.

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An abundance of integrity is required by any person or entity who seeks to become affiliated with our organization.  Invitations may be obtained from current members, or can be applied for directly with

our membership committee.

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The people who work in the alternative asset industry have long represented a subset of Earth’s most brilliant and interesting minds.  Those privy to these conversations are enriched professionally

and, at times, philisophically.

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Listen to episodes of the Emerging.org podcast

"$1 Billion or Bust" where our Chairman, Nicholas Chavez, hosts a fast paced 30-minute interview with investors, emerging fund managers

and other industry influencers.

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We loathe spam.  Though, sometimes, especially in the world of finance, the velocity of information can equal the importance of the content.  We infrequently make use of SMS to contact our membership base, but when we do, you'll be happy to get the message.


We educate the alternative asset industry by contextualizing and qualifying the efforts of individual, under-represented emerging managers and subsequently introduce them to qualified asset allocators seeking investment opportunities of quality.

Looking for a little help?  Try our video WIKI!

Look, we all get a little confused by certain concepts, buzzwords and acronyms.  For this reason, Emerging.org is in the process of putting together a video wiki with quick videos paired with plain-worded definitions for complicated alternative asset industy nomenclatures.

Check out our progress, ask us to make a video about a concept, or just make a donation so we can keep making these videos to help everyone!